The Eastern San Joaquin Groundwater Authority (GWA) conducts monthly Board and Advisory Committee meetings on the second Wednesday of each month. Advisory Committee meetings begin at 9 AM and GWA Board meetings begin at 11 AM. Representatives from the Eastern San Joaquin Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs), including local cities and water agencies, meet in an open forum to discuss elements of Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP) development. These meetings are open to the public, and meeting details are posted below.


GWA Meeting Agendas             GWA Meeting & GSA Outreach Materials   Advisory Committee Agendas 
December 12       December 12
November 14  

November 14- GWA Presentation

  November 14 Agenda
        November 14 - AC Presentation
October 10   October 10 - GWA Presentation and Workshop   October 10 Agenda

October 2018 GSA Outreach Slide Deck

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October 10 - AC Presentation



September 12   September 12 - GWA Presentation   September 12 Agenda

September 2018 GSA Outreach Slide Deck

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September 12 - AC Presentation


August 8   August 8 - GWA Presentation   August 8 Agenda
    August 2018 GSA Outreach Slide Deck   August 8 - AC Presentation
July 11   July 2018 GSA Outreach Slide Deck   July 11 Agenda
    July 11 - GWA Presentation   July 11 - AC Presentation
June 13   June 2018 GSA Outreach Slide Deck   June 13 Agenda
    June 13 - GWA Presentation   June 13 AC Presentation
May 9   May 9 - GWA Presentation   May 9 Agenda
    May 9 - Lathrop Area Prelim Water Bal    May 9 AC Presentation
    May 2018 GSA Outreach Slide Deck    
April 11   Apr 11 - GWA Presentation    
    Apr 11 - Lathrop BBM Presentation    
    April 2018 GSA Outreach Slide Deck    
March 14   Mar 14 - GWA Presentation     
    Feb 14 - Minutes AMENDED    
February 14   Feb 14 - GSP Development      
    Feb 14 - GSP Funding    
January 10 Cancelled        



Meeting Agendas                                 Meeting Materials
December 13 Cancelled       
November 8   November 8 Presentation
October 11th   October 11 Presentation
September 13th   September 13 Presentation 
August 9   August 9 Presentation
July 12th   July 12 Presentation
June 14th   June 14 Presentation

Groundwater Sustainability Workgroup Meetings
Approximately monthly – see below for updates

Informational Meetings
Approximately quarterly – see below for updates

Groundwater Sustainability Workgroup Meetings

Groundwater Sustainability Workgroup meetings occur on an approximately monthly basis. The Groundwater Sustainability Workgroup represents a diverse mix of members who represent the broad interests of groundwater users in the subbasin as well as the diverse social, cultural and economic elements of the population. During the meetings, stakeholders learn about the GSP’s development, share questions and provide comments to the project’s consulting team. Groundwater Sustainability Workgroup members are also encouraged to communicate information back to their organizations and report back any input to the consulting team.


Meeting Summary Meeting Agendas Meeting Materials
  November 13  

October 9
October 9 with comments

October 9

October 9

September 11 September 11 September 11 
August 15 August 15

August 15  

August 15 Printable Version

July 10 July 10 July 10
June 12 June 12 June 12

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